Fundraiser for Chris Tracey

Hey boy’s some of you have heard. My brother has ALS and hasn’t been unable to work since August. He has 2 kids a mortgage etc. Would love to see some MoFos come out and support his fight.

I’ve already heard from a lot of teams, and your support is really appreciated.


Save the Date: Spring MOFO 2020

The spring MOFO will be May 29 – 31.

Hot off the press!

Clean your balls and spit shine your shafts, It’s MoFo time! A lot went down last Spring! After taking a comfortable lead on Friday, the Pinseekers just fell apart on the weekend. Maybe too much partying/confidence or lack of discipline/desire, who knows. The fighting Marchmen almost gave the Cup away to out of nowhere Fries with Gravy during the last round. Birdacus positioned themselves in KiFe Friday and cruised to another disgusting lopsided victory. Shit Show’s TNT surprised everyone when they went wire to wire for their first win since winning last place in 2013 & 2008. This year’s MoFo is guaranteed to have stories and memories with great friends and family. Looking forward to seeing everyone and watch’n the Leafs & Raptors play in their finals!

Where: Brooklea, Knights Inn, Midland

When: May 29-30

Cost: $350


Dan and Alcohol


These Tigers Have Wood


All in all a great weakend! We couldn’t have asked for a better weather! Congrats to Tigers Wood for capturing the MoFo Cup in a tense battle. Steve was certaintly on a mission, fist pumping all day long! The usual KiFe cup winners BMWS said they would never touch the Cup, now they make love to it! Good luck to anyone trying to catch them after Saturday and Sunday.

See you all in the Spring!


Dear MOFO’s

Clean those dirty balls and spit shine your shafts, its MoFo time! Don’t blink, summer is almost half over. But wait a minute, MoFo Fall Champ Big Bad Basketball Bouncing Bob Balkissoon has been tuning up his game all summer long! In his recent interview with CNN, BBBBBB stated that last year was a whole new beginning “It’s time people realize I’m not just a party animal, I’m for real”. Everyone is waiting for what BBBBBB will do next. The Fall KiFe Champs have been way too busy with diapers and Friday Fires y’all! They should be spending time on the range for any chance of repeating. Look forward to seeing everyone!

Brooklea Golf and Country Club, home of the MOFO


Wait?!? Who is that on the wall?

It was a milestone weekend for the MOFO, First time for Jr on the wall, you read that right, if you ever wanted to give him a pat this may have been your only opportunity. A little rain, a lot of sun, a big win for the raptors, and the course seems to get longer every year. The fighting Marchmen battled Fries and Gravy in a playoff to win top honours. Birdacus were so happy with their win they actually touched the trophy. Oh yeah, it was also the first time for TNT to take home some hardware. OK it was Sh!t Show but a trophy none the less. A big thanks to all for a great weekend, see you in the fall.

It’s MOFO time! May 24- 26, 2019

Dear MoFos,

Spring is almost here! Take the Christmas lights down, Its MoFo time!

It was a clincher coming down the stretch in spring of 2018! Chip & Ale’s held off a charging Tee Biscuit to win by 1 stroke to take the glorious MoFo Cup. The Happy Hookers teased the Jamadian’s with short drives and long putts, but still managed a KiFe Cup victory by 2 strokes. The Toilet Bowl, well, the order did not change from start to finish! (Borrrringgg!). It was the Bushwhackers who had the better toe wedge that weekend!

Once again, congrats to Rick for making the first MoFo hole in one! Rick decided not to take the car and took the cash instead. Special thanks to Just Brakes Plus, where the golfers come first!

Looking forward to seeing everyone! See doc for more info.

Dan and Jay

May 24th – May 26th, 2019.
Knights Inn
$350 per player

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