MOFO Spring May 25-28 2023

Dear MoFos,

Thanks for your patience, lots of stuff going on in the background at MoFo Headquarters.

Clean your balls and spit shine your shafts, It’s MoFo time!!

It was the GEN Z team Starsky and Huggy Bear that stole the MoFo Cup from the GEN X folks in the spring of 2022 and all the GEN X are not happy about it.  Last place team Dirty Shanks are quoted for saying “We are not older, but wiser.  Course management is key for us short ballers”.  4 Skins For The Win took home the KiFe hardware with a sandbag, 4 shot win over Painted Parts Boys.  Schooners took a shit and won the Show with a 3 shot win over Smoke My Cock.  Roadhouse took last place with a 389 total, big improvement from their 401 in 2021. 

Note: for the first time the Thursday night hotel is included in the cost.  So plan on being up there for Thursday night.  For the Thursday golfers, there’s a men’s league and we’ll have to be off the course at a certain time TBD.

$520 -includes Thursday night this year.

$/Team name/Hat size due by April 15th.

As a reminder, I’ll repost list of 2022 scoreboard and $ owed.

Check doc for more details.


Dan and Jay