Sad day for the MOFO

Paul “Pauldo” Bryan passed away this week.

We lost one of our own, an early and long time MOFO. Devoted dad and good friend to just about everyone who met him. His humour, easy going attitude and positivity touched many of us…..

From Mike “Phil” Nicholson

Very nice words from a solid group of people MOFO’s who love to golf, have a good time. I am proud to call Paul my best friend, Amigo & partner in crime (although we had never been arrested). As kids we cut our hands and shook on it making us blood brother’s. Our golf trips were epic. After years of suffering from disease of addiction, I had taken him in & gave him the final 11 months clean & sober helped free him of his demons. He was pig headed & never liked to ask for help which i believe lead to his demise. I will miss you Paul Edward Bryan (Pauldo).

Your friend forever, gone but never forgotten