The results are in ……

What a MoFo weekend!   A little bit of rain could not remove the smiles from our fucking faces.

A big win for first timers, Stiff Shafts.  They take the glorious MoFo cup home.  Maybe they didn’t drink enough, who knows.

New comers Brooksback Mountain embarrassed the KiFe field by way of a 13 stroke victory.   What a sandbagging example.

TNT brings home the bowl for another year, MLB must have party’d way to hard.

We hope that everyone has a safe Fall, Winter and see you back in Midland in Spring ’22.

If I don’t hear from guys I will assume the prize $ will be carried forward to the spring.

Thanks to Meat for the interviews, we may attempt it again in the spring with less drunk reporters, lmao.

Thanks to Joe for running the skins.

Dan & Jay

Download the full scorecard at the link above, highlights and winners are below.