Spring MOFO 2021

Other than a couple mishaps at hotel that we’ll have to address, overall it was a great weekend! Fighting Marchmen pulled off a miracle 15 foot putt off the 18th green to capture the 2021 MoFo Cup by 1 stoke. 4 Skins For The Win got better as the weekend went by with a 2 stroke KiFe Cup victory over Hole Hunters. Maybe they need to drink more? Fore-Skinz were steady on the weekend to win by 6 strokes over Smoke and Choke (Choke for sure) to win the famous Shit Show Cup.

Thanks to Rotterman for running the skins, Meat for keeping www.mofogolf.ca afloat. And to Rolind/Brad for returning the MoFo cup after claiming victory on social media.

For the prize money. Instead of sending ~25 etransfers, I suggest putting it towards your next MoFo. I will do that as a default, but let me know if you want to cash out.Next MoFo is just around the corner Sept 10th. Mark your calendars!


Dan & Jay