MOFO Reschedule June 11 – 13 2021

Gather around MoFo’s! Some changes to the format next weekend, study the program. Let me or Jay know if any questions. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to getting away with the guys, lets be safe and have a good time!

The Bomber


June 11th – June 13th, 2021

Covid-MoFo update

Due to the date change we are in peak season at the golf course.  The rates have increased and we are subject to tee times- Pls keep up the pace!  There will only be 1 round on Fri, Sat and Sun.   We don’t expect anyone to hang around 2 ½ hrs Sunday, so the winners will be posted on FB and during the week.  No POBs this year and no gathering inside at the course.  Verify scores within your 4somes and hand in both cards, remember to hand in your scorecards after each round to Dan or Jay!    Thursday night we will still proceed with the Wheel OF Misfortune around 10-11pm.  For those going up Thursday to play a round, pls book with the course –rate is $50 incl taxes.

Pls be mindful that we are still in lockdown and only allow max gatherings of 5 outside.  The hotel could be fined and same with us, try to keep it low key.  We will have the whole 3rd floor to ourselves and couple rooms on 2nd floor.   They do have 2 BBQs that we can use in the back to cook some steaks. 


GOLF:​​Brooklea Golf and Country Club.

​​Midland, Ontario.

LODGING:​Super8 Inn.     

​​Midland, Ontario.

Thursday night is $100 per room.  Pls let us know if you’re NOT going up on Thursday!

TEE TIMES​Friday June 11th. tee times starting at 12pm. 

​​Saturday June 12th.  Tee times starting a 12pm.

​​Sunday June 13th.  Tee times starting at 11am.

FORMAT:​Friday round is the qualifier for which division you play in on the weekend. MoFo may have 6-8 Teams exempt from KiFe to try and avoid shellacking’s. Tie breakers will start with # of eagles, birdies then pars.  All 3 rounds count towards your final place within each division.  

PRIZE MONEY:​Depends on the number of teams.  This will be decided once field is finalized.

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MoFo Cup Format & Rules

2021 Spring

MoFo Cup Format

Draw 4somes at 10-11pm on Thursday.  Tee times will be assigned after draw completion.

1 rounds on Friday will decide which cup your team will play for, MoFo, KiFe or the Bowl.  3 round total will determine where you finish in that division.

Both teams hand in score cards after each round.  Consult with other team to make sure they’re correct.  There should be no “oh, I thought the other team handed it in” crying.

Scores and next day Foursomes are posted at hotel after each day.

Team has only 1 player due to injury, jail, hangover…etc.  Keeping it fun and to be fair to everyone, the active player is allowed 2 shots extra per hole.

Scramble Rules1. Both team members tee off from tee box.2. The team decides who’s shot to use, both team members play 2nd shot from that location. Continues until ball is holed out.3. Your partner must shoot from the same lie as the chosen ball.  Ie, rough, sand trap, hazard, hi-way…etc.4. The ball that your team has chosen to play must not be picked up.  Your partner is to drop his ball 1 club length from ball no closer to hole.  Placed only if in a sand trap.

(a)  If the fairways are sloppy or aerated, we will play lift clean and place in fairway only!5. No holding back branches for partners, fluff ups…etc.   Not sure why these rules have to be here!?6. Chosen ball OB or Hazard?  You can hit from the same spot or drop ball between point of entry and last shot.  7. Playing wrong ball is 1 stroke penalty.  Mark your balls!8. If unsure of MoFo rules or golf rules in general, ask the other team. 9. If there’s any issue in your foursome, you can call a sit down with the Presidents.  Must bring beer.10. In the event of a tie after Cup qualifying round the team with higher # of eagles, birdies, then pars move up.  Still tied? Fuck it, you’re DQ’d.11. Teams tied for 1st place after 3 rounds will head to a sudden death playoff.  Course permitting. 12. Both teams keep score, agree to totals and hand in 2 scorecards.  

General Rules1. Golf attire a must.2. Absolutely no mulligans or gimmies.3. Eviction from course or hotel is an automatic D.Q.4. Failure to make tee time – 2 stroke penalty.5. Failure to complete all 4 rounds – D.Q.6. Play rain or shine, but if weather is an issue rules may be altered by Presidents7. Respect the course and its rules.8. Most of all play HONEST and have good time!

The Presidents reserve the right to modify rules to enhance their game.  Ok, ok.   We will though, do what’s best for the whole group.   Dan & Jay

Optional Par 3 SKINS – $40 per team.– Lowest score on a par 3 after each round will win a skin -Pars or better.– At the end of the tourney, each skin will be worth a percentage of the total $.