MOFO 2020 Final Scores

Fantastic weekend boys! The only problem is …. it’s too short!

Big congrats to Starsky & Huggy Bear for their wire to wire victory on Sunday. The predictions were right on mark, another 1-2 holes victory would have been Team MoFo.

A big disappointment congrats to Black Panthers, bitter sweat being in KiFe but they came home with a lob sided win.

The Shit Show turned out to be a two team showdown, Cannagolf hung on to beat a charging TNT by one stroke.

A big shout out Boggs for doing the towels and masks! Also to RotTAmon for organizing the skins for sleepy Joe 🙂 and Meat for keeping the website afloat

Have a safe winter and we’ll see everyone in the Spring! Thanks,Dan & Jay