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MOFO 2020 Final Scores

Fantastic weekend boys! The only problem is …. it’s too short!

Big congrats to Starsky & Huggy Bear for their wire to wire victory on Sunday. The predictions were right on mark, another 1-2 holes victory would have been Team MoFo.

A big disappointment congrats to Black Panthers, bitter sweat being in KiFe but they came home with a lob sided win.

The Shit Show turned out to be a two team showdown, Cannagolf hung on to beat a charging TNT by one stroke.

A big shout out Boggs for doing the towels and masks! Also to RotTAmon for organizing the skins for sleepy Joe 🙂 and Meat for keeping the website afloat

Have a safe winter and we’ll see everyone in the Spring! Thanks,Dan & Jay


Save the date: Fall MOFO Sept 18 – 20th 2020

Dear MoFo-ers,

Clean those dirty balls and spit shine your shafts, its MoFo time! The MoFo finally returns after a small bump on this crazy ride called life. I know for a fact there are some guys putting in their all this summer for a chance to hoist the MoFo Cup. Others, just don’t give a shit and will wonder what went wrong when standing on the wall. Either way, it’s a weekend you don’t want to miss. So you know the drill, secure your partner, team name and send flowers to your wife at work.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

Thanks, Dan and Jay.

$340 per player due by Aug 22


These Tigers Have Wood


All in all a great weakend! We couldn’t have asked for a better weather! Congrats to Tigers Wood for capturing the MoFo Cup in a tense battle. Steve was certaintly on a mission, fist pumping all day long! The usual KiFe cup winners BMWS said they would never touch the Cup, now they make love to it! Good luck to anyone trying to catch them after Saturday and Sunday.

See you all in the Spring!


Dear MOFO’s

Clean those dirty balls and spit shine your shafts, its MoFo time! Don’t blink, summer is almost half over. But wait a minute, MoFo Fall Champ Big Bad Basketball Bouncing Bob Balkissoon has been tuning up his game all summer long! In his recent interview with CNN, BBBBBB stated that last year was a whole new beginning “It’s time people realize I’m not just a party animal, I’m for real”. Everyone is waiting for what BBBBBB will do next. The Fall KiFe Champs have been way too busy with diapers and Friday Fires y’all! They should be spending time on the range for any chance of repeating. Look forward to seeing everyone!

Brooklea Golf and Country Club, home of the MOFO


Wait?!? Who is that on the wall?

It was a milestone weekend for the MOFO, First time for Jr on the wall, you read that right, if you ever wanted to give him a pat this may have been your only opportunity. A little rain, a lot of sun, a big win for the raptors, and the course seems to get longer every year. The fighting Marchmen battled Fries and Gravy in a playoff to win top honours. Birdacus were so happy with their win they actually touched the trophy. Oh yeah, it was also the first time for TNT to take home some hardware. OK it was Sh!t Show but a trophy none the less. A big thanks to all for a great weekend, see you in the fall.