Save the Date: Spring MOFO 2020

The spring MOFO will be May 29 – 31.

Hot off the press!

Clean your balls and spit shine your shafts, It’s MoFo time! A lot went down last Spring! After taking a comfortable lead on Friday, the Pinseekers just fell apart on the weekend. Maybe too much partying/confidence or lack of discipline/desire, who knows. The fighting Marchmen almost gave the Cup away to out of nowhere Fries with Gravy during the last round. Birdacus positioned themselves in KiFe Friday and cruised to another disgusting lopsided victory. Shit Show’s TNT surprised everyone when they went wire to wire for their first win since winning last place in 2013 & 2008. This year’s MoFo is guaranteed to have stories and memories with great friends and family. Looking forward to seeing everyone and watch’n the Leafs & Raptors play in their finals!

Where: Brooklea, Knights Inn, Midland

When: May 29-30

Cost: $350


Dan and Alcohol