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Drum Roll please …

Introducing the field for the 2018 Special Olympics MoFo! Odds and Perdictions will be posted as soon as Mofois Golfis gets a pen and paper.

1 TEAM MOFIA Dan Krisko Jr Bryan Joly
2 TEAM BIRDACUS Umar Ali Jay Latreille
3 TEAM S.S. MINNOW Steve Rotterman Dan Krisko Sr
4 TEAM BUSHWHACKERS Tom Mcculloch James Dalton
5 TEAM BROWN SUGAR Bob Balkissoon Murray Balkissoon
6 TEAM SCHOONER Jay Girdharrie Joe Krisko
7 TEAM DIS AND DAT Tom Corrigan James Olesinski
8 TEAM EAGLES LANDING Glenn Smith 2 Jorge Dacosta
9 TEAM DIAZ BROTHERS Bert Latham Grant Olmes
10 TEAM BIG STICKS Rob Gooch Paul Camalleri
11 TEAM PUTTING DUDES Gary Young Scott Taylor
12 TEAM R&R Ravi Jockman Roger Gordon
13 TEAM THE REAL M&M Gary Morgan Marvin Morgan
14 TEAM HAPPY HOOKERS Tim Bent Joe Papizewski
16 TEAM SALT’N PEPPER Steve Bryan Ken Layton
17 TEAM FIGHTING MARCHMEN Darren Livesey Ted Boggs
18 TEAM SHAKE’N BAKE Pete Bauer Mike Scullion
19 TEAM DOOBIE BROTHERS Jack Markham Brian Clark
20 TEAM The McCLAYS Bruce McDonald Neil Pearce
21 TEAM SPIN IT UP Ozzy Phithipaul Richard Prendergast
22 TEAM I’D TAP THAT… IN Cameron Armstrong Mike Sperling
23 TEAM DIRTY SHANKS Rob MacDonald James McCartin
24 TEAM PUMPER 416 Dave Osborne Morris Lakeman
25 TEAM TEE BISCUIT Rohan Wallen Justin Su
26 TEAM VAPES Dave Ireland Gary Cascagnette
27 TEAM CHIP AND ALE’S Dion Krisko Jr Elliott DeJong
28 TEAM FAR FROM PAR Steve Bell Lloyd Andrews
29 TEAM JAMADIAN Joey Warren Gary Chevolleau
30 TEAM JAM Gene Folkes Ricky Lue

Two men, one cup, and Zero Fox

Another one in the books, really great weekend.


MOFO Cup Champs, if anyone knows who these two are please let us know


These two we know, and look very closely, digs touched the cup. Jay must be just fumin’


There it is guys, just like Bigfoot and the Kennedy assassination, photographic evidence.


Without Jay around, the closing ceremonies really didn’t have the same energy.


Everyone’s a winner? Then who gets all the beer in the losers lounge?


…and the award for team with the most swag goes to “Zero Fox”


As always a huge thanks goes out to Jay, Joe and Dan for making this weekend something most of us look forward to as soon as the New Years Eve hangover wears off, or sooner.